Topological Properties for Harmonic τ-Uniformly Convex Functions of Order ρ Associated with Wanas Differential Operator

  • Abbas Kareem Wanas Department of Mathematics, College of Science, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq
Keywords: harmonic function, uniformly convex function, extreme points, closed convex hull, compact set


The purpose of the present paper is to establish some topological properties for a certain family of harmonic τ-uniformly convex functions of order ρ associated with Wanas differential operatordefined in the open unit disk U.


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Wanas, A. K. (2020). Topological Properties for Harmonic τ-Uniformly Convex Functions of Order ρ Associated with Wanas Differential Operator. Earthline Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 4(2), 333-346.

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