About the Journal

Aims and Scope

The Earthline Journal of Mathematical Sciences is a peer-reviewed international journal devoted to publishing original research papers containing substantial contributions in any direction of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Theoretical and Applied Statistics, Theoretical Computer Science, Mathematical Modelling. Applications of Mathematics in Finance and Economics are also welcome.


The Earthline Journal of Mathematical Sciences is published in one volume annually comprises of six issues appearing in January, March, May, July, September and November.

The Earthline Journal of Mathematical Sciences follows a continuous publishing model. This means that as soon as an article is ready to be published, it will be immediately released online rather than waiting for other articles in the issue to be completed.

Paper Submission

A manuscript paper intended for publication in the Earthline Journal of Mathematical Sciences be submitted for consideration to the editorial office through e-mail:  ejms@earthlinepublishers.com or ejms.earthline@gmail.com

For details kindly go through Author Guidelines on SUBMISSIONS tab.

Peer Review and Plagiarism Screening

All submitted manuscripts will go through a peer review process before publication. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by editors / independent reviewers who are expert in the subject of the manuscript.

All papers submitted to EJMS for publication will be screened using Crossref’s Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate software to check the originality of manuscripts.

Manuscript Procedure Time

The average time during which the preliminary assessment of manuscripts is conducted: 2 days
The average time during which the reviews of manuscripts are conducted: 42 days (6 weeks)
The average time in which the article is published: 56 days (8 weeks)