Editorial Policy

Initial Screening:

Upon receiving an article, our Editorial Staff diligently evaluates the submission to ensure its alignment with the Earthline Journal of Mathematical Sciences' scope and to assess its originality. Articles that fall outside the journal's scope or exhibit plagiarism will be promptly returned to the author. Conversely, if an article is deemed original and within the Earthline Journal of Mathematical Sciences' scope, it proceeds to the next stage for External Peer Review.

External Peer Review:

Upon submission, the handling Editor, responsible for overseeing the peer-review process, meticulously assesses the article or appoints qualified referees to conduct a thorough evaluation. Referees, chosen for their expertise and impartiality, should not have collaborated with or served as co-authors for any of the submitting authors. Additionally, they must be affiliated with a different institution and provide an institutional email address. The handling Editor may or may not contact the suggested referees proposed by the authors. Referees assigned to review the manuscript are entrusted with providing insightful feedback within a six-week timeframe. Their constructive evaluations play a pivotal role in the decision-making process of the handling Editor. Should a revision be recommended, the handling Editor guides the authors in incorporating necessary changes based on the referees' suggestions and comments. Following the revision process, the same referee(s) reevaluate the revised paper. Upon receiving a clear recommendation for publication, the article undergoes meticulous formatting in accordance with the journal's guidelines. Galley proofs are subsequently sent to the corresponding authors for any required corrections. Once all formalities are completed, the article is expediently published online within seven working days.