Author Guidelines

A manuscript paper (preferably in Latex) intended for publication in the Earthline Journal of Mathematical Sciences be submitted for consideration to the editorial office through e-mail: or

Submissions will only be considered in English. Authors may suggest a list of names of potential referees.

Please follow the Submission Guidelines below.


  • Only an author of the research paper may submit the file of the manuscripts to the editorial office.
  • There is no page limit.
  • Submissions by anyone other than one of the authors of the research paper will not be accepted.
  • During submission and peer review, the responsibility for the paper lies with the submitting author.
  • By submitting the research paper, the author agrees that they have not been published the said research paper elsewhere. It is also understood by the submission that the research paper is not currently under consideration by another journal.
  • The submitting author is responsible for the approval of all other co-authors, for the publication of the article.

Title and Authorship Information

The following information should be included in the submission file.

  • Title
  • Complete names of author(s).
  • Complete institutional mailing addresses
  • Email addresses


  • An abstract must be included in the submitted file.
  • It should be self-contained and citation-free.
  • It should not exceed 400 words.
  • Author must provide latest Mathematics Subject Classification and at least 3-4 keywords.


All acknowledgements should be incorporated at the very end of the paper, before the references. This may incorporate supporting grants etc.


  • It is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure that each reference has complete and accurate information in it.
  • All references must be numbered consecutively.
  • References in text, should be cited using numbers in square brackets.
  • All references should be cited within the text.

Preparation of Figures

  • It is understood that authors have included all figures and tables in the PDF file of the paper, upon its submission.
  • Separate files should not be used for figures and tables.
  • The citation of all figures in the paper should be in a consecutive order.

Preparation of Tables

  • The citation of tables in the paper should be in a consecutive order.
  • The title of the tables must be descriptive.
  • In case the numerical measurements are included, the units should also be included in the column heading.
  • Vertical rules should not be used.


PDF proofs of a paper will be sent by e-mail to the corresponding author or requested otherwise for corrections after the paper is accepted for publication on the basis of the recommendation of referees. Corrections should be restricted to typesetting errors. Authors are advised to check their proofs very carefully before return. Corrected proofs are to be returned to the publisher electronically.


The authors hold the copyright without restrictions.


An electronic reprint will be sent to corresponding author’s e-mail after the publication of the paper.