Fixed Point Theorems for the Alternate Interpolative Ciric-Reich-Rus Operator

  • Clement Boateng Ampadu 31 Carrolton Road, Boston, MA 02132-6303, USA
Keywords: Ciric-Reich-Rus contraction, metric space, fixed point theorems


In [1], the authors introduced the interpolative Ciric-Reich-Rus operator in Branciari metric space and obtained some fixed point theorems; in this work we present an alternate characterization of the interpolative Ciric-Reich-Rus operator in metric space, and obtain some fixed point theorems.


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Ampadu, C. B. (2021). Fixed Point Theorems for the Alternate Interpolative Ciric-Reich-Rus Operator. Earthline Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 7(1), 161-179.

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