Fuzzy Extension of Coupled Γ-semiring: Some Properties

  • Clement Boateng Ampadu 31 Carrolton Road, Boston, MA 02132-6303, USA
Keywords: coupled, Γ-semiring, anti-fuzzy, ideal, prime, semi-prime, extension


The concept of coupled Γ-semiring first appeared in [1]. In the present paper assuming M is a Γ-semiring, we introduce concepts of anti-fuzzy prime ideal, anti-fuzzy semi prime ideal, and anti-fuzzy ideal extension, respectively, of 11.png Some properties associated with these new concepts are obtained. The work in this paper takes inspiration from [2].


Clement Boateng Ampadu, Some properties of anti fuzzy ideal and anti fuzzy k ideal of couple gamma-semirings, Journal of New Theory (to appear).

M. Murali Krishna Rao and B. Venkateswarlu, Anti fuzzy ideal extension of -semiring, Bulletin of the International Mathematical Virtual Institute 4 (2014), 135-144.

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Ampadu , C. B. (2020). Fuzzy Extension of Coupled Γ-semiring: Some Properties . Earthline Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 4(1), 39-50. https://doi.org/10.34198/ejms.4120.3950

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