Coupled Anti Fuzzy Subrings Using t-Conorms

  • Clement Boateng Ampadu 31 Carrolton Road, Boston, MA 02132-6303, USA
Keywords: ring theory, norms, fuzzy set theory


The aim of this paper is to introduce the concept of coupled anti fuzzy subrings by using t-conorm C. By using t-conorm C; we consider the relationship between coupled subrings and coupled anti fuzzy subrings and we prove that the intersection of two coupled anti fuzzy subrings are also coupled anti fuzzy subring. Also we obtain some results for coupled anti fuzzy subrings under the ring homomorphisms. Finally, we show that the quotient of coupled anti fuzzy subring is also a coupled anti fuzzy subring with respect to t-conorm C. Our work is inspired by [1].


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