On δ-Scattered Spaces

  • Zainab Aodeh A. Mohammed Department of Mathematics, College of Education, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq
Keywords: δ-scattered space, I-space, N-scattered space


The object of the present paper is to introduce the concept of δ-scattered spaces as a natural generalization of the concept of scattered spaces. We prove that the concept of δ-scatteredness of the space coincides with scatteredness. It is noted that scattered need not be δ-scattered in general, also I-space are comparable with δ-scattered space. We start out by giving a characterization of δ-scattered spaces. We study relationships between δ-scatteredness and with scattered, semi-scattered, α-scattered, sub maximal, irresolvable and N-scattered.


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