On Generating Tridiagonal Matrices of Generalized (s,t)-Pell, (s,t)-Pell Lucas and (s,t)-Modified Pell Sequences

  • S. Uygun Department of Mathematics, Science and Art Faculty, Gaziantep University, Campus, Gaziantep, Turkey
Keywords: (s,t)-Pell sequence, (s,t)-Pell Lucas sequence, (s,t)-modified Pell sequence, eigenvalue


In this study, we define some tridigional matrices depending on two real parameters. By using the determinant of these matrices, the elements of (s,t)-Pell, (s,t)-Pell Lucas and (s,t)-modified Pell sequences with even or odd indices are generated. Then we construct the inverse matrices of these tridigional matrices. We also investigate eigenvalues of these matrices.


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